Project: Asian Sculpture

I have recently completed sculpting a direct observation sculpture project at my art studio. I will share more images once the piece has had a chance to dry before I place it in the kiln. The color of this piece will change when it has been heated, and the finishing touches added to the piece.

If you are interested in commissioning a head sculpture, please contact me using the contact form or call me at (602) 618 8079. I work through direct observation and I can also work using photographs to.

Project: The Healing Touch

The Healing Touch” sculpture, created this year, to celebrate the compassionate touch that resonates within us. It is appropriate today as we come together to heal a wounded world moving away from selfishness. With the hope and compassion of a new millennium she reaches out to remind us that when we are called to love unconditionally we heal each other and recognize our more angelic side.” From “Art of Healing” article in the Grand Rapids Press during ArtPrize 2009.


The more traditional sculpture, Mercy was originally designed to recognize those who work in the medical profession. The Artist’s sister was a Nurse Practitioner and he created this larger, second sculpture in her honor with the idea of sharing that moment when one touches the heart of another and embraces our more divine nature. Her left arm is gently touching the patient and her right arm is becoming a wing.

We are offering the Healing Touch, an inspiring limited edition bronze, which can help lead others onto a pathway of wholeness and inspire those who visit your healing center. A smaller companion sculpture on a marble base, “Mercy” standing just 21″ tall, is available as a gift to your benefactors, donors and supporters at a very reasonable price.

Please contact us to arrange for placement of The Healing Touch at your location. An appointment can be made for you to speak directly with the artist to work out the final details including inscriptions for the base and the type of base that would work best for you. Please take advantage of making a purchase directly with Ron Head Studios where the Healing Touch is being offered at $15,000. You may purchase a hydro-cal version finished as pictured above right with a beautiful gold patina at $3500. Ron Head Studios was an artist in the 2009 ArtPrize in Grand Rapids, Michigan.




Project: America’s Angels Honoring our Soldiers



America’s Angels was sculpted after the Mother of an American Soldier saw the sculpture “Courage and Faith” which features a Firefighter with his Guardian Angel. Her son was on his way to Iraq with the United States Army. This sculpture has been cast in a resin that looks and feels like bronze with a similar patina but at a cost that is makes this sculpture more affordable. The mother of this young soldier has gone on to create a non-profit organization called Angels 4 Soldiers. Ron Head Studios is working with this non-profit group to try to create and place a life-size bronze version of this statue at every Veteran’s Hospital around the United States.

Medium: Resin with Bronze Patina
Approx. Size: 12” tall. ~ As shown $200
Approx. Size: 18″ Bronze by special order $2500
Life-size bronze:
1st casting and sculpting $45,000.

America’s Angels is just the right size for your desk, book shelf or fireplace mantle. Please contact us, about ordering or to discuss the sculpting and placement of a new version of this sculpture in a life-size bronze to be placed at your hospital or other location.

Project: Courage and Faith Honoring our Firefighters


Courage and Faith was created during the 3 days after September 11th, 2001. This sculpture honors the the victims of 911. It also recognizes the courage it takes to go into harms way and symbolizes the faith a firefighter needs to know he or she will be carried safely though their next call. It is cast in bronze and designed to be permanently installed in fire stations as a reminder that God’s guardian angels go with them as they leave the station on a call.

Medium: Bronze
Size: 28” tall. ~ As shown $3500
Life-size bronze:
1st casting and sculpting $45,000.
Poster available for fundraisers.

This sculpture has been used as a department award for honor and bravery, as a gift to a fallen firefighters family or station and is an excellent companion gift delivered with a new firetruck or other apparatus by manufacturers of fire protection equipment. Cast in bronze this sculpture can be permanently installed at interior or exterior locations and is durable for outdoor installations.. To read more about the Courage and Faith awards and tributes that have already been given please visit the Courage and Faith Blog, by retired Milwaukee Firefighter King Monaghan, on WordPress by clicking here.

Please contact us for more information about the plans we have available to help get this sculpture to your fire station or to discuss the sculpting and casting of a life-size version of this sculpture for your fire station or facility.

Project: Veteran’s Memorial A Salute to our Soldiers

The Fountain Hills Veteran’s Memorial is nationally recognized public art installation featuring sculptures by Ron Head. It was commissioned to honor all U.S. soldiers who have fought for our freedom in foreign wars. The artist worked closely with the Veteran’s committee to find the images they wanted to be historically accurate, to portray the advances in military warfare and to honor the courage displayed by the men and women of the military.

Medium: Bronze
Size: WW II Veteran 5′-7″ tall.
Cost $20,000 for additional casting.

Plaques Size: 2’ by 3’
Cost: $6,000 for additional casting.

This series of sculptures were commission by the Fountain Hills Chamber of Commerce. The installation includes 6 bronze plaques and a life size figure. The committee wanted a WWI veteran saluting the flag that flies over the Memorial. A WWI uniform was found in a local museum and a Vietnam Veteran who could fit into the extra small size uniform was the model. Photos were taken for the sculptor to use as reference and the Congressional Medal of Honor was added to his throat. The artist’s father posed for the facial features and added touches of compassion.