Project: Courage and Faith Honoring our Firefighters


Courage and Faith was created during the 3 days after September 11th, 2001. This sculpture honors the the victims of 911. It also recognizes the courage it takes to go into harms way and symbolizes the faith a firefighter needs to know he or she will be carried safely though their next call. It is cast in bronze and designed to be permanently installed in fire stations as a reminder that God’s guardian angels go with them as they leave the station on a call.

Medium: Bronze
Size: 28” tall. ~ As shown $3500
Life-size bronze:
1st casting and sculpting $45,000.
Poster available for fundraisers.

This sculpture has been used as a department award for honor and bravery, as a gift to a fallen firefighters family or station and is an excellent companion gift delivered with a new firetruck or other apparatus by manufacturers of fire protection equipment. Cast in bronze this sculpture can be permanently installed at interior or exterior locations and is durable for outdoor installations.. To read more about the Courage and Faith awards and tributes that have already been given please visit the Courage and Faith Blog, by retired Milwaukee Firefighter King Monaghan, on WordPress by clicking here.

Please contact us for more information about the plans we have available to help get this sculpture to your fire station or to discuss the sculpting and casting of a life-size version of this sculpture for your fire station or facility.