Project: America’s Angels Honoring our Soldiers



America’s Angels was sculpted after the Mother of an American Soldier saw the sculpture “Courage and Faith” which features a Firefighter with his Guardian Angel. Her son was on his way to Iraq with the United States Army. This sculpture has been cast in a resin that looks and feels like bronze with a similar patina but at a cost that is makes this sculpture more affordable. The mother of this young soldier has gone on to create a non-profit organization called Angels 4 Soldiers. Ron Head Studios is working with this non-profit group to try to create and place a life-size bronze version of this statue at every Veteran’s Hospital around the United States.

Medium: Resin with Bronze Patina
Approx. Size: 12” tall. ~ As shown $200
Approx. Size: 18″ Bronze by special order $2500
Life-size bronze:
1st casting and sculpting $45,000.

America’s Angels is just the right size for your desk, book shelf or fireplace mantle. Please contact us, about ordering or to discuss the sculpting and placement of a new version of this sculpture in a life-size bronze to be placed at your hospital or other location.